Sunday, June 10, 2018


I will be making a slow migration to TUMBLR. I enjoy its interface and interaction much more. Follow me on TUMBLR if so inclined and reach out, say hello. ;)


Master Grey


My parents had finally reached the end of their rope. I’d been booted out of college by that ASSHOLE Dean Kutcher and my mom and dad refused to let me move back home before I got a job. All they saw was a long-haired stoner with nothing to look forward to, but I blamed the Dean. He’d been gunning for me since I’d shown up in his office Freshman year. He was an old school man who “didn’t get washouts like me.” So, after I’d been caught with weed in my dorm, he booted me from school, and I was now royally fucked . . . and the first thing that had to go was my hair. Wasn’t going to get a “respectable job” looking like this. Guess Dean Kutcher was right . . . I was going to be forced to grow up.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Master Grey Returns

Good Afternoon Gents, 

After taking a year off from the blog, my inevitable return is at hand. I look forward to begin creating for you again and spinning more tales of transformation. I've also been toying with the idea of migrating to TUMBLR. Thoughts? Requests? I've missed you and look forward to getting back into the swapping community. 


Master Grey

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


When I agreed to swap bodies with my dad on his Anniversary Night for a new car, it seemed like an INCREDIBLE deal. I mean, come on, it wasn't like body swaps were even possible and, even if they were, I'd just dress up in one of my dad's nicest suits, take my mom out for a nice dinner and come home and pass out in his chair like he does every night. No big deal.

Then, the swap happened. I found myself standing in front of my dad's bedroom mirror getting dressed in his nicest suit, putting on my mom's favorite tie and thinking about the dinner reservations. It was strange standing there in my dad's body, almost like looking at an older version of myself. He was handsome, and it would be fun throwing his plastic around for the night and buying whatever I wanted and drinking and smoking and all the fun shit he got to do as a full blown adult.

As the night went on, I slowly realized something . . . I wasn't in complete control. It was as if my dad's body did what it was supposed to as opposed to what I wanted. I found myself making out with my mom in the back of an UBER. I found myself massaging her pussy with my hands, screaming inside as my dad's body kept digging deeper as my mom begged for more in my ear.

When we got home, she had my clothes off within minutes and I found myself fucking my mom like a boss and wanting to die inside as I looked down at her writhing body beneath me. I thrust my dad's cock in and out as I grabbed her legs and spread her even farther. I couldn't stop as much as I wanted to. I couldn't look away or pretend it wasn't happening as she screamed in ecstasy.

This IS NOT what I thought was going to happen, and all I wanted was for it to end . . . but she just kept begging for more and my dad's body kept giving it to her.
SHIT! This Anniversary Night was NEVER going to end.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We were visiting my brother, Grant, at the military base. I mean I wasn’t “visiting.” I didn’t have a choice. I was sixteen and still in high school and was forced to do whatever my parents told me. I had ZERO desire to visit my brother. He was a dick in high school, and he was an even bigger dick now that he was a Marine . . . if that’s possible. The word MEAT HEAD JOCK described him perfectly and now that his hair was all shaved and he had a uniform, it was even worse. 

All he talked about was how strong he was and how much it meant to him to be a Marine and, of course, when my parents weren’t around he treated me like hammered shit. He’d make fun of me for being so small and nerdy and the fact that I was gay didn’t help either. He’d once caught me making out with a guy in my room and, after that, I’d never heard the end of it. Yeah, there was a part of me that wished I could be closer to him . . . that we could be more like brothers than enemies, but I just didn’t see that happening. He was an asshole jar head and that wasn’t going to change.

Friday, March 31, 2017


When I posted on his page, I asked Master Grey to transform me. I was a thin black kid who was tired of being alone and had always dreamed of being a white man. It's not that I hated being black or anything, but the fantasy of being a white man truly turned me on. So, when asked, I simply said that I wanted to be a white man and I wanted to be loved.  

When I got the response from Master Grey, all it said was  . . . request granted. As I read the words, I began to feel a bit light headed, almost as if reading the words themselves somehow set everything in motion. My entire body ached as I felt a sudden weight pour over me, my thin frame becoming heavier and more muscular . . . fatter and WHITE. I was getting paler with every passing second, my chest swelling into a pair of man tits with supple round nipples and  . . . what? Grey hair? I saw a tattoo etch over the top of my chest as I stumbled to the bathroom mirror in time to see my hair begin to recede and turn form black to grey. I continued to grow bigger as my belly grew and I ran my hands over it. It was absolutely amazing, the feeling of fat moving over my body as I smiled up at my reflection to find a white beard filling in across my face. My large, plump lips thinned as I watched my eyes shift from deep brown to blue. I felt earrings appear as a thick, silver chain suddenly fell around my neck. Then, as if in an instant, I stared back at my new reflection. I was now a large, older white bear and, glancing down at my cock. I was impressed with how thick it was and it grew harder with every second. Shaking my head, I wondered why. Why THIS white guy instead of some hot young college jock? Then, a set of new memories filtered into my mind. 

My name was now Wayne and, as I continued to stare at my reflection, I saw my husband step in behind me. His name was Jackson. He was a much younger chub with a dark buzz cut and, damn, he loved his daddy more than anything . . . and I loved him. 

A smile crept over my face as he stepped up behind me, kissing my neck.

"You ready to play, daddy?" I smiled back at him, turning and kissing him hard. It felt so cock rubbing against him as we moved to the bedroom and he slowly started to suck on one of my full man tits. It was unlike anything I'd every experienced, his lips drifting over my old white nipples as I moaned and reached for his head. Damn, I love Jackson and suddenly realized that this is EXACTLY what I wanted. Master Grey knew what to do. I should have never doubted him.

Perhaps you should let him transform you?

Saturday, March 25, 2017


My girlfriend and I had a huge fight last night. She was angry because I’d been hanging out with the guys too much and she felt like I didn’t appreciate her at all and felt like we were just fuck buddies more than anything else. I told her that she just didn’t understand what it was like to be a guy and she said I didn’t understand what it was like to just be some kind of plaything. I guess somebody was listening . . . because when we woke up this morning, things were very different. 
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